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   A certified, licensed, personal trainer is a great investment in your health.  The information on this page will hopefully help in your decision process and learn more about my background and education.

   Your Fitness, is at our Center and hopefully very soon you will be able to say the same thing about me.  Your Personal Trainer, is at our Center.

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My Bodyshop Fitness Center's Personal Trainer

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  1. Q: Are you a certified by a Nationally recognized organization?  
    A: YES (1, 2, 5)

    • ​ ​Kristin holds a bachelor's degree in Health and Fitness, with a minor in nutrition. She is certified as a Master Certified Personal Trainer, is a certified 2nd degree Black, Belt, a triathlete, competitive tae kwon do national competitive athlete, and has obtained Executive Certification Health Promotions and Corporate Wellness by NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association).

  2. Q: Where would we train?  
    A: My Bodyshop Fitness Center (13)
  3. ​Q: What is your exercise background?  
    A: (3, 4,6, 11)
  4. Q: What is your educational background?
    A: (1, 2, 5, 8, 9)
  5. Q: What is your level of experience?
    A: Certified Personal Trainer - Master Level 
  6. Q: Are you certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid?
    A: YES - (8, 9)​
  7. ​Q: Do you require a health screening or release from my doctor?
    A: Discussed at assessment
  8. Can you give me references from other clients and industry professionals?
    A: YES
  9. Q: Will you keep track of my workouts and chart my progress?
    A: YES
  10. ​​Q: Do you carry Personal Trainer liability insurance?
    A: YES
  11. Q: Do you provide a policies on cancellations & billing in writing?
    A: YES
  12. Q: What is your rate and do you offer packaged deals.
    A: My rate is competitive for a master level trainer and sessions are purchased in packs.
  13. What hours are you available to train?  
    A: M-F (5AM-7PM) Special accommodations can be discussed.
  14. Q: Can you help me with reasonable Goals and NOT unattainable results?
    A: YES! The Only Way
  15. Q: Do you have a network of fitness/health/nutrition professionals?
    A: YES - I regularly refer clients to professionals I have worked with and trust.
  16. Q:. ​What is your communication style with your clients?
    A: Direct and Clear -
    •  ​For the past several years, Kristin has been improving the lives of many dedicated area residents. She acknowledges that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination. She offers a unique approach to transform your fitness.  Kristin's techniques soften the blow by making workouts fun, challenging, and a bit different each time. As owner of MyBSFCenter,  you will have full access to a variety of equipment and tools to help you stay on track.

  17. Q: Can you help me with my diet and food choices?  
    A: YES (2) 
  18. Q: What other services do your client use at the center?  
    A:  Every client is unique, but many choose to:
    • Become a member of My Bodyshop Fitness Center,

    • Register for classes,

    • Subscribe to My Virtual Coach, 

    • Stay informed via Social Media (Facebook and/or Twitter)

  19. Q: How will you help me? 
    A: Kristin will help you: ​
    • Assess your physical condition and track changes

    • Set goals

    • Make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits

    • Learn proper strength training technique

    • Improve endurance

    • Find motivation

    • Improve your appearance

    • Feel better

    • Improve your health

    • Gain muscle and lose fat

    • Tone up

    • Improve mental alertness

    • Reach your goals

    • Live Well

Experience & Background for:
Kristin Nelson, BS, CPT-M
FAQ's Reference



  1. Certified Personal Trainer, Master level

  2. Baccalaureate Of Science in Health and Fitness, minor in Nutrition

  3. Certified 2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

  4. Assistant Tae Kwon Do Instructor

  5. Executive Health Promotion and Corporate Wellness Specialist

  6. Triathlon event participant

  7. Chamber of Commerce member

  8. Over 23 years as a healthcare professional

  9. CPR, AED, and First Aid Red Cross certified, adult and child

  10. Creator of the CustomFIT™ program

  11. National Level Competitive Tae Kwon Do Athlete

  12. Specializing in training our youth to live Healthy, Dynamic Lives

  13. My Bodyshop Fitness Center
    901 Babcock Blvd East Delano MN 55328 US

Master Level

Kristin Nelson, BS, CPT-M

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