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Let's face it, most trainers and fitness centers just watch you exercise. We offer a unique approach that is making an impact on many area residents because your journey to a healthier you is more than sweating.  For long term success it has to involve improving your body and mind. We will help you transform both.  You need to take the initiative to take the first steps, but we will be here to help you on a path to fitness unlike you have tried before.


We are more than a building full of workout equipment shuffling people in and out.  No other fitness center in the area provides the tools you will have access to which will lead to your success.

  • 24/7 ACCESS - Make fitness a priority and when your schedule is open, so will we.  

  • Virtual Trainer - Now you can have a certified personal trainer keeping tabs on you virtually. We provide four different packages for the beginner to client training for a triathlon.

  • PERSONAL TRAINER -  The best investment in your health is working with unique approach provided by our personal trainer.  It is worth your time to meet and discuss the options that will meet your time and budget.  Her workouts will vary and change so you will never be bored during a session with Coach K.

  • OUR GEAR - We have a wide variety of equipment to keep your interest level high at every visit.  Schedule a tour so you can learn more.

  • CLASSES - A great workout doesn't seem like work.  Attend one of our weekly classes and you may agree. Turbo Kick, Zumba, BOOTCAMP and Faith based Yoga are very popular. You do not have to be a member to attend the classes we provide

  • OUR UNIQUE APPROACH - Transforming your body and mind will lead you to long term success to help the beginner to the advance athlete. Sometime you need a partner and we can provide the right tools to get you on your journey.

  • NOW WHOLE30 CERTIFIED COACH - Coach K is now a Whole30 Certified Coach with all of the tools to guide you through this life-changing program and way of life. 


Your health and wellness are an investment in your future, don’t let another day go by without valuing them and yourself!

Our partnership will enhance your life, and those you care for.

Our unique approach can help your path to fitness when