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Tara is a once obese young woman turned fitness enthusiast and gym owner. 

Over the last eight years, she learned that food is the hardest barrier to overcome in achieving and maintaining fitness goals. Not only does making good choices sometimes come at the expense of how it tastes, it’s hard to know what’s truly healthy. 

She couldn't find a healthy, fast-casual solution to both of these challenges and it was her deciding factor to sell her first business, WakeUp Fit in March 2021. 

She knew that to continue impacting the world, inspiring people to move, and to do her part in ending the obesity epidemic she had to get into the healthy food space.

There were a few requirements: it had to be affordable for everyone, taste good, and give people the inspiration to get outside and move. 

She believes that life is truly our greatest adventure. We’re able to do so much if we fuel our bodies the right way!

You can generally find Tara spending time with her boyfriend Jeremy, their puppy Teddy, and kitty Oreo, working out, hanging out at the lake, on the slopes snowboarding, traveling, spending time with family and friends, or volunteering at church. Type your paragraph here.